To belong and thrive – that is what we ultimately want to see happen in the lives of every person we serve. But how do we get there? Our Theory of Change is the plan by which we believe this impact can be achieved. We have set four outcome areas that lead to achieving the center circle of impact that we hope to see.

The extent to which we are achieving the outcomes will be a strong indicator that we are making progress toward the overall impact.


2017 GOALS

In addition to getting the organization launched and operational, we will focus on initiating work in all outcome areas in 2017: Housing, Supportive Community, Employment, and Connection. Strategies and plans can and should change throughout the year as we adjust to new knowledge and realities, but the outcome goals will remain constant.


People will receive housing; a safe place to start again.


People will be connected to supportive communities and accountability.


People will get hired into a permanent job.


Organization will be launched; capable of making an impact for many years to come.

Focus Area



  • Partnering with real estate developers, we will house Weld members temporarily in homes that are waiting permits
  • 1 transitional housing village established (utilizing Pallet Community) with max capacity for 32 people
  • 5 Pallet Shelter System units deployed under the management of Weld to provide transitional housing
  • Linking individuals with other transitional housing providers and partners
50 people provided housing (depending on occupancy of the units and partnerships with other organizations)
  • Supportive services and case-management for individuals, including connection to recovery groups and other accountability methods
  • Development of a resource library to connect people to the groups and agencies best equipped to meet specific needs
30 people will be connected with the supportive communities they need to help in the reintegration process
  • Establish linkages and partnerships with companies that are willing to hire individuals with criminal histories
  • Focus will be on placing individuals in jobs that can lead to long-term career growth
At least 12 individuals will be linked with permanent employment
  • Legal registration completed
  • The initial board of directors will be formed and become operational
  • The first staff member will be hired and organizational policies, strategies and tactics will be created and documented
  • Revenue generating activities will be initiated
Weld Seattle will be a fully operational and established non-profit organization, registered with the Federal government as a 501(c)(3) and receive tax-deductible status from the IRS

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