We are all recovering from something. When we make mistakes, we all want a second chance and the opportunity to succeed. Those of us who are trying to rebuild our lives after serving time in prison or completing a recovery program face even greater obstacles, especially when it comes to housing and employment opportunities.

We invite you to come alongside us in helping people reintegrate, belong and thrive. We invite you to join in seeing people…

…feel a sense of belonging

Connection and belonging is one of our most basic human needs and essential to reintegration. Supportive communities can come from many places, including recovery groups like AA/NA, churches and work teams. We will ensure people get connected and stay accountable as a critical part of a healthy, successful and reintegrated life.

…and to thrive

We will work on overcoming the many obstacles to housing, employment and community connection; but we won’t stop there. We want to see people not only get second chances but to flourish and thrive. Reducing recidivism and relapse is crucial, as is preventing homelessness, but our local communities will only become safe and sustainable places to live if people are thriving.

We are Weld

The needs are critical:

• Within five years of release 76.6 percent of released prisoners were rearrested1
• 50% of inmates in Federal prison are serving time for drug offenses2
• 500 people per year in Washington State are released from prison with no home address3
• 40-60% of people who go through alcohol or drug addiction treatment will relapse4

We can be the change.

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